When Money magazine recently analyzed the roughly 2,400 four-year colleges and universities in the United States, it determined that fewer than 20% – a select group that includes Stonehill College – meet the highest standards in terms of education quality, affordability, alumni earnings and graduation rates.

The magazine started its research by examining all 2,400 four-year public and private nonprofit colleges in the country, and rated the top 700 on a 5-star system based on three main points: quality, affordability and student outcomes.

Stonehill was one of only 17 Massachusetts colleges and universities to make the list and it bested a significant number of schools that students typically consider when applying to Stonehill.

The magazine gathered information from U.S. Department of Education, Peterson’s,, MONEY/College Measures calculations and ranked the schools on 26 factors in three categories: educational quality, affordability and alumni success. Stonehill ranked 280 out of 2,400 four-year colleges and universities.

Source: Money’s 2023 Best Value College Rankings