As director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics spearheading the Harvard Youth Poll, the most comprehensive study of young Americans and their views on democracy, you are dedicated to fostering a culture of civic engagement and public service. 

As the author of Fight: How Gen Z is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America, you have examined the resilience and fortitude of this country’s young people and their drive to positively impact the world. Your research helps to bridge understanding across generations of engaged citizens.    

As a social scientist, analyst and founder of SocialSphere, a public opinion and analytics company, you have advised heads of state, CEOs, military leaders, athletes and entertainers. Your counsel helps to shape societal advancement strategies for the betterment of individuals living across the globe.  

For your leadership and passion for analyzing and articulating the challenges that tomorrow’s world leaders will face, your life’s work has earned you great esteem, as well as the appreciation of the Stonehill College community, your colleagues and people across our nation.  

For your commitment to upholding democratic values and serving as a champion for youth everywhere, Stonehill College is proud to bestow upon you, John Della Volpe, honoris causa, the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.