As the Class of 2022 prepares to close the book on their Stonehill experience, a new chapter is about to begin for the Class of 2026.  

We recently asked our graduating seniors to share their best advice to our incoming first-year students. Here is what they had to say about making friends, joining clubs and navigating life at Stonehill. 

Challenge Yourself

“There are so many resources here that can help you get to where you want to be. Remain optimistic and enjoy campus life. Make connections with people you know will make you a better person. Lastly, challenge yourself to be the best version of you. Think of your first year of college as a time to find yourself personally and understand the values you stand for.” –Christopher Cassidy ‘22 (Communication major, Journalism minor)

Give It Time

“Not everyone finds the people they are meant to be around for the next four years in the first month. Give it time and stay open to new experiences that you may not have thought about trying before. Everyone is experiencing the same anxieties and fears. You are not alone.” –Maya Graham ’22 (Psychology and Education Studies double major)

Keep Going

“Understand that there may be times when you come up short and feel discouraged. We all have expectations of ourselves, but the most important thing is to keep going. You will find that you’re capable of more than you think. Keep things as simple as possible.” –Quentin Odom-Lewis '22 (Biology major)

Find Your Passion

“Try taking classes just because they sound interesting to you. Find a major that makes you excited to go to class every day.” –Deirdre Boyer ’22 (Biology major)

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

“Get involved! Join clubs, apply for leadership positions, attend professors’ office hours and participate in activities organized by the college. I’ve met some of my closest friends by joining clubs and challenging myself to try new things.” –Kaitlyn Simmons ’22 (Marketing major, Entrepreneurship minor)

Ask for Help

“Don’t be afraid to ask your advisor for accommodations that can help you in your classes.” –Jillian Tavares ’22 (Arts & Visual Culture major)

Embrace Change

“Do not be afraid to try. Your path can and should change as you learn more about yourself and grow into who you see yourself becoming.” –Olivia Cerretani ’22 (Political Science major, Business Administration minor)

Market Yourself

“Declare a second major or a minor. It makes you more marketable in the long run.” –Katherine Gilet '22 (Criminology major, Business Administration minor)

Build Relationships

“Take advantage of your professors’ office hours. Get to know them and begin building relationships during your first semester.” –Madison McBroom '22 (Health Science major, Psychology minor)

Enjoy The Ride

“Stay focused, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Get involved and take plenty of pictures. Make sure to appreciate every moment because college goes by too fast.” –Angela Braddock ’22 (Criminology major, Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies double minor)