Good morning. It is my distinct honor to be the first to greet all of you as fellow Stonehill College graduates. On behalf of the 71 classes who have graduated before you, I offer you, the graduates of the Class of 2023, congratulations and a warm welcome to our Alumni Association! Many Stonehill alumni are here celebrating today, and I invite them all to stand and be recognized.

Today, you, the members of the Class of 2023, join an Alumni Association comprised of over 29,500 individuals, who, upon graduation, also experienced a mix of emotions as they turned the page from one chapter of their lives to the next.

Without a doubt, you will meet some of these alumni in the future—at a new job, in a parent/teacher conference, in your community, or, I hope, at one of the many alumni events, like Reunion, that Stonehill hosts. And when you do, I know that you will be greeted with a bright and enthusiastic, “You went to Stonehill too?” and for a second, you will feel like you are right back on campus.

I believe that many of these alumni will tell you that life is a journey full of unexpected paths—and often these paths create opportunity. I encourage you to embrace change as it comes your way and be open to new possibilities.

As a graduate, you are now an ambassador of what a Stonehill education produces. Respect, honor, and treasure this role. Be proud of your time at Stonehill, share it with others, and consider how you can pay it forward to those who will one day be students on this campus.

When I graduated from Stonehill in 1997, it never occurred to me that I would one day serve as President of Stonehill’s Alumni Council and address you, the graduates, at Commencement. Being an active alumna has been incredibly enriching, as it has provided me with extraordinary opportunities and a personal sense of fulfillment. Stonehill continues to hold a special place in my heart. Each time I visit campus, especially this morning, I feel like I’m returning home. My hope is that this will be the same for all of you and that you will come back home often. 

Whether you chose Stonehill as an incoming first-year student or as a transfer student, you immediately became part of Stonehill’s family. Cherish the memories you have made and the relationships you have formed. More importantly, stay in touch with each other. Just as you were welcomed to the Stonehill family as a student—we now welcome you to the Stonehill alumni family.

On behalf of the Alumni Association, I wish you a blessed and bountiful future—wherever it may take you.

Thank you and congratulations Class of 2023!