Note: During Academic Convocation, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs DeBrenna Agbényiga read the following citation bestowing the Louise F. Hegarty Award for Excellence in Teaching upon Assistant Professor of Biology Tracy Rosebrock.

The Louise F. Hegarty Award for Excellence in Teaching is given each year to a full-time faculty member whose teaching has had a marked influence on the lives of Stonehill students. The Committee on Excellence in Teaching selects the outstanding professor from those nominated by students and faculty members. The award is named in honor of one of Stonehill’s most accomplished teachers and the recipient stands as a symbol of the entire faculty’s commitment to teaching and academic excellence. At this 2022 Academic Convocation, Stonehill College is proud to bestow the Louise F. Hegarty Award for Excellence in Teaching on Professor Tracy Rosebrock, Assistant Professor of Biology. 

While many outstanding professors are nominated for this prestigious award, few receive the number of impassioned nominations from students and faculty as Professor Rosebrock. Her commitment to teaching excellence, mentoring, and student success is obvious in these words of students and faculty who nominated her for this recognition.  

"Professor Rosebrock teaches with compassion. Her classes are challenging, and she encourages students to reach their highest potential. At the same time, she is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a mentor, a friend, and a guide. Her open-door policy has made her a trusted member of the Stonehill faculty, and her students appreciate her caring nature. These qualities also make her an excellent academic advisor."  

"As Aristotle once said: 'educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.' These words define Professor Rosebrock as an educator. Her passion for science allows her to teach with her whole heart. She has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and making them fun. She spreads positivity while inspiring her students to set high standards for themselves. For many, she is a pillar of light and hope. Because of her, I am grateful I chose Stonehill."

"Professor Rosebrock makes it easy to ask questions. She is dedicated to fostering a comfortable environment ensuring that students understand the material while still offering challenging work and providing support to those in need. She inspires her students with her devotion to teaching and her continued pursuit of her education. She is a symbol of the faculty’s commitment to academic excellence and aims to exemplify Stonehill’s commitment to strong minds and strong hearts."

"Her passion for science is evident in every class she teaches. Her lectures, in-class activities, and even her exams are engaging and spark excitement and show her desire to design unique experiences that allow students to connect with topics and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the material. I do not know another professor who jumps, smiles, and is as joyous about microbiology and bacteria at 8:30 a.m. than Professor Rosebrock."  

And so, it is with profound pride that today, Stonehill recognizes Professor Tracy Rosebrock for her outstanding teaching in service to our students.