Katie Walo (pronounced “wallow”) first visited Stonehill College around 2015 during a semester in which the Collegiate Chorale opened their membership up to people from the area.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with students,” she said. “Little did I know that I’d be back on this beautiful campus in a different capacity just a few years later. Things have come full circle.”

As Walo continues acclimating to her new role as Stonehill’s registrar, here are 10 things to know about her.

1. She comes to Stonehill from a community college. Walo oversees a staff responsible for the maintenance of student and course records, including schedules, transcripts, and more. Prior to being hired by Stonehill, Walo fulfilled similar duties as registrar at Massasoit Community College in Brockton.

2. She feels supported at Stonehill. Since joining our community in June 2023, Walo has come to appreciate the sense of collegiality that she has experienced on campus. “This is a very supportive place to work,” she said. “Everyone, from the president and senior leadership to faculty and staff, is focused on our mission and keeps in mind what’s best for students.”

3. She is committed to advancing equity. Walo seeks to increase access to a Stonehill education, as well as make higher education more equitable for all. “There are many pathways through which students can receive college credit before even coming to Stonehill, including community college transfer partnerships, dual enrollment programs or advanced placement courses,” she said. “These options not only provide them flexibility in their college schedules, but also help make degree programs more affordable for those with financial need.”

4. She has a vast network. For several years, Walo served on the board of the New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, which supports over 700 members across 130 institutions. “It’s a great organization for professional development and networking,” she said. “Everyone who is a part of it is doing the same things I’m doing, just at different schools. It’s nice to keep in touch with colleagues, uplift one another and learn things from each other that can be applied to our own work.”

5. She was a work-study student. Walo first gained experience working in a registrar’s office as a work-study student at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. “I realized quickly that being a registrar requires good organizational skills, and I like being organized,” she said. “The job I had as a student made me fall in love with this work, and the rest is history.”

Walo's office is located in the Duffy Academic Center.

6. She believes in a well-rounded education. Reflecting on her experiences attending school in Pennsylvania, Walo notes there are many similarities between Stonehill and Gettysburg. “Both schools have a liberal arts focus,” she said. “I believe liberal arts education is important. These programs help students think outside their area of study. They help make students well-rounded, which, in turn, helps produce well-rounded citizens upon graduation.” 

7. She is a first soprano. While attending college, Walo sang for the Gettysburg College Choir, through which she met her husband. “I’m looking forward to attending concerts at Stonehill for groups like Girls on the Hill,” she said. “I have a lot of great memories from when I sang in college, so I want to support students here on their musical journeys.” 

8. She helps young people find their voice. For the past two years, Walo has served on the board of South Shore Children’s Chorus, an inclusive organization devoted to helping young people learn about themselves through music. The registrar’s three sons sing in the chorus. “It’s non-audition, so the only requirement is that you must love music,” Walo said. “My boys have truly enjoyed the experiences they have had with the organization because they not only learn something, but also have a lot of fun.”

9. She is a bookworm. Walo is a prolific reader who consumes over 100 books per year. She often refers to Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club for options. While she enjoys most genres, she devours romantic fantasy books from authors like Sarah J. Maas, who has written multiple book series including Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Crescent City

10. She seeks to serve. Walo also enjoys volunteering in her free time. She recently started serving lunch once per week at My Brother’s Keeper, a Christian ministry in Easton. “I love that service is such a big part of Stonehill’s mission,” she said. “We have access to so many volunteer opportunities through the College’s relationships with organizations like My Brother’s Keeper.”

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