Practicum & Pre-Practicum

All teacher licensure candidates complete practicum or pre-practicum embedded within coursework.

Through early exposure to best practices, Stonehill’s licensure candidates become better aware of the intricacies associated with teaching, especially in under-resourced high-needs schools and districts. Required pre-practicum not only span the ages/grades covered by the candidates license, but also occur in a variety of settings - urban, suburban, public, private.

These placements occur in both general education as well as special education settings. Experiences are designed to support students in seeing the connections between theory and practice, and prepare licensure candidates to work with students from diverse backgrounds as well as in high-need areas. Students work with their program advisor to determine appropriate pre-practicum and practicum experiences and to ensure all requirements are met prior to placement.

Internship Opportunities

Education studies internships are faculty-facilitated experiences for credit in education-related sites that have an additional academic component.

Recent Examples

  • Camp Shriver at Stonehill College
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • New England Center for Children
  • Stoughton Public Schools MCAS data analysis

Field Experiences

  • Hancock School/Stonehill College Partnership
  • House of Possibilities
  • The NUMB3RS Project
  • Randolph High School Tutoring
  • Robotics After School Program
  • School on Wheels
  • Stoughton Elementary Schools MCAS Internship
  • Stoughton Homework Center
  • Trinity Baptist Homework Club
  • Within Reach Tutoring Program

Education Society

The Education Society is geared toward education majors or those interested in the field. The opportunities of education are explored through guest speakers, programs, and various club discussions.

Career Development Resources for Students

The Stonehill Career Development Center offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities. By working with our mentors, students are empowered to build lifelong career management skills.

Education Studies-specific career resources

  • Education Mock Interview Week – Alumni in administrative positions in school districts prepare students for job interviews.
  • Externships and internships in New York; Washington, D.C.; and Los Angeles (weeklong and semesterlong programs) give students critical field experiences.
  • CDC staff members regularly work with Education Department faculty to present programs on preparing for teaching jobs from resume and cover letters to interviewing.

Lisa Biederwolf

Administrative Assistant II