Honors alumnae return to campus for a networking panel to share their professional experiences.

“Students in Honors classes all truly CARED about not just doing well, but also having those stimulating and insightful conversations that stay with you over time. … The professors all seemed to understand this culture of learning and pushed the students to explore and seek to create their own path of understanding.”

Jen Gaudette ’19

“Because of the small class sizes, and having many of the same people in each of the honors classes, I credit MHP for the voice I have developed for myself over the past few years. Before college, I was not one to speak up or voice my opinion on anything, but as I went through my time in MHP, I saw this changing. I found myself speaking up in situations which I would have never imagined I would have beforehand. Not only did the classes help do this, but more than anything, being on HAC [the Honors Advisory Council] did.”

Kaylee Reumann ’20

“This program honestly provided me with my best friends. Living in O’Hara together “freshman year”, taking honors classes together, and working Honors Orientation together provided me with friends for life, through orientation partners, classes, and mentees.”

Emma-Cate Rapose, ’20

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Edward F. McGushin

Edward F. McGushin

Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Moreau Honors Program