Help us welcome the Class of 2024 to Stonehill!

The Stonehill Class of 2024 is being welcomed to the community in a unique way this year through virtual orientation. Alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents - please share a warm welcome to them! Share tips and tricks for enjoying their Stonehill experience, favorite places and activities on campus and encouraging sentiments. 

Congratulations for choosing Stonehill, take advantage of all the extracurricular activities from Student Government to being a Resident Assistant for that assists in building skills for your resume.

Congratulations and Welcome to the best four years of your life! Stonehill College will offer so many opportunities and you will feel like you have a second place to call home. Embrace it all! I found amazing experiences, lifelong friends, an amazing career, an opportunity to travel to Spain and my husband - all while at Stonehill!!

Welcome to Stonehill! You made a great choice. I have loved my 3 years here. Awesome community and professors and I have made some lifelong friends.

I know starting college is scary, (trust me I know, I did it just last year), but when you arrive at Stonehill in August, you will find the most welcoming and comforting community waiting to accept you! I promise you will make lifelong friends and have a better four years at Stonehill then you could ever imagine!

Welcome class of 2024! I wish you the best of luck during your time at Stonehill. Enjoy every moment because it goes by in the blink of an eye. Go to that football game, spring concert, Skyhawk madness, and even study abroad if you are able. Take in each opportunity and cherish those memories! Go Skyhawks!

Waking up early on a spring morning to hear the sound of the peepers-(peeping frogs) as a rising morning mist ushers in a new day filled with hope & light- just one of the many great things about Stonehill.

Pay attention to the small, unnoticed, seemingly unimportant encounters. They can lead to something big. The lake is a nice resting spot for reflection. Visiting Chapel of Mary on quiet time is good too.

Get ready Class of 24. These next four years are going to fly by! My best friends to this day are my Stonehill friends I met as a freshman. I married my best friend at Stonehill... Kathi Cleary...Class of 83! What a great College you choose. Stonehill is lucky to have you. Best wishes class of 24.

Enjoy your time at Stonehill! Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and don't be afraid to fail. It will be some of the best times of your life.

Although this is definitely not how you planned to begin your college years, You should be excited!! Stonehill is a wonderful place to call home for the next 4 years. I can not believe that I am a rising senior... the time FLIES! Make sure to enjoy every moment of your college experience, even though some of it seems uncertain right now. Trust that Stonehill has your back! They’ve always had mine.

Welcome Class of 2024! You are approaching the next chapter of your lives in an unprecedented time. Use that energy to propel you toward all the great opportunities Stonehill has to offer. I cannot wait to meet your amazing class on campus next year. Enjoy orientation. It is only uphill from here.

Welcome to the Stonehill community! Despite this being a challenging time, I'm sure you'll enjoy and grow from it! Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you have any questions!

WELCOME to some of the best years of your life!! You are going to absolutely love it at Stonehill. The sense of community at Stonehill is hard to find at other colleges or places. I graduated 4 years ago, but I still visit Stonehill often since I miss it there so much! Have the best time and work hard!

Your class is a special one. I am beyond excited to see how all of you overcome everything going on in the world, and soar as future Skyhawks!!

Welcome to the best 4 years of your life!

Welcome parents of the class of 2024. As you watch your son or daughter climb the stairs on their first day on campus, you may shed tears to see them leave your side. Stay close, stay connected. Be a good listener. Get to know their college life through their stories and friendships. But give them time to spread their wings, make mistakes, and learn to think independently. Sure enough they will be home for their first break or you will be visiting them on campus. Treasure the time together. Take time to enjoy the beautiful campus. In four short years, they will be walking down those same stairs, back to you and where it all began. Love and best wishes from a fellow Stonehill parent.

Welcome Skyhawks, it’s going to be exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, and thrilling all at the same time!! It’s a whole new experience and it gets even better with each year!

Everyone tells you to enjoy every minute, and that's true - your years at Stonehill will go by SO fast! Let each walk across the quad, or to the dining commons, really sink in. And if you're able, stay and work on campus for the summer! There's nothing quite like a Stonehill summer.

Welcome to Stonehill!! During your four years here take the opportunity to get involved helping others, go on a hope trip, perhaps a alternative spring break or volunteer with one of the many groups on campus.

Class of 2024. Although your first year at Stonehill will look different than other's first year, be patient. When the world gets back to normal, you will be able to enjoy all that Stonehill has to offer. Enjoy the beautiful campus, Lessons and Carols, bingo, dances, clubs, sporting events and everything else this wonderful college has to offer. Make new friends, make new memories. Cherish your time at Stonehill! It will go by in the blink of an eye. Kelly Adams, parent of a 2020 graduate and future 2024 graduate.

Welcome to your Skyhawk life! Stonehill will be an incredible time in your life. You'll make some wonderful friends, take some really interesting classes and have amazing opportunities to expand your horizons. Sometimes things won't be easy, and that's ok. You might have a hard professor or a friend may come and go. You'll get through it. College is a journey and each experience is there to teach you about life and prepare you for what lies ahead. Take internships. Travel when it's safe. Join clubs. Try things outside of your comfort zone. Take a walk around campus, it's seriously a stunning place to take in, especially in the fall and spring. I didn't do this enough. Go explore Boston, it's a city rich with history and there's something to do for everyone. Your four years will go by fast so make the most out of everything. I wish you all the best!

Congratulations and welcome! My advice - be easy on yourself. You will grow a lot and that may be challenging at first. Keep yourself open to new experiences and treat others with kindness. I hope you love it here - you are now a part of a truly life-changing community!

Welcome class of 2024! You have already mastered the art of flexibility and innovation. Take the next 4 years to challenge yourself to learn new things, new people and new experiences. You are embarking on a great journey, take the time to enjoy it!

Welcome Class of 2024 Skyhawks! This is only the beginning of a brand new exciting chapter of all your lives. At Stonehill, all of you will discover your passions through exciting new activities and clubs, rigorous courses, and a wide range of other opportunities to lead with compassion. At Stonehill, I have been able to lead as the Class of 2023 Public Relations Coordinator, keeping my class connected and informed with events happening at Stonehill. Student Government Association is comprised of a well-rounded body of students determined and driven to witness change on campus. I also sing in the chapel choir, where I have literally found my voice (hadn't been in a choir since middle school) and grown closer to my faith as well. In addition, I have attended events and meetings from the variety of business clubs at the Meehan School, being able to collaborate and learn from professionals in business careers. At Stonehill, you all have the power to become whoever you want in life, by being provided countless opportunities to succeed in every discipline.

Welcome to the best four years of your life! It really will fly by and you’ll be wishing you had more time! My advice is to step out of your comfort zone. Say yes to things you might not have before! You will meet lifelong friends and create the best memories!

Class of 2024, Fully embrace every opportunity at Stonehill. I encourage you to take strides outside of your comfort zone, because you may find a new passion or make a new friend, and without a doubt you will learn immensely that way. Enjoy every moment with your friends who soon really will become family, for those memories will last a lifetime. I am thrilled you have become a part of the vibrant Stonehill community. Live it up.

I met my husband, best friends & 1st mentors @ Stonehill, the next 4 years will transform your life

Hold doors and Say Hello and you will make life long friends.

Keep an open mind. Get involved early. Be kind. 4 years goes by quickly. Enjoy every moment!

Good luck to the class of 2024, enjoy your four years and experience everything you can and get involved.

Enjoy your next four years on campus and take advantage of every opportunity!

Congratulations Class of 2024! Your college career may not begin exactly how you imagined, but trust that Stonehill is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Dive in and enjoy every minute of your 4 years. Light and Hope to you all!

As the first pandemic/post-pandemic freshman class, know that the Stonehill community is behind you 100%.

Welcome to Stonehill from a member of its first class (1952). We were about 130 freshmen, and we wondered what the College, at the time a few buildings and lots of space, would become. Thanks to a series of C.S.C. Presidents, there was always something special and it has become what you see today. Congratulations on your choice of Stonehill College.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and get involved in whatever comes your way- you never know where you may find a passion! And always remember it’s okay to ask your help; the faculty and staff at Stonehill are always willing to help you, no matter the situation!

Find a safe space on campus, whether it be a professor’s office, a favorite corner in the lib, a booth in aces, by the fireplace in the Chapel of Mary, a comfy couch in Duffy, or anywhere else where you are comfortable! So much changes when you are somewhere you feel safe!

Welcome to the best four years of your life, Class of 2024! During your time at the College, take advantage of every resource at your disposal and don’t be afraid to try something new. Enjoy every second that you have at Stonehill because the time will fly by!

Enjoy every minute of your time on campus! Say yes to opportunities and try things you might not expect yourself to be interested in. Work hard in the classroom but don’t forget some of your best memories will come from experiences outside of class. The friendships I made during my time at Stonehill and the memories we share are irreplaceable. You will never get these years back!

Welcome Class of 2024! You are about to embark on one of the greatest times of your lives! Stonehill College has a close-knit community, where everyone is welcomed and supported. Do not hesitate to seek any opportunities, because you never know the places it can take you! Join a club you’re interested in, a committee you’re passionate about, and explore the world by traveling abroad, or practice social justice by serving on an immersion experience through the office of Campus Ministry. The community of Stonehill allowed me to become more self-sufficient, and has drastically changed my perception on the world. You will be amazed by how much you are able to grow within four years. Be strong, be kind, and work hard! Congratulations on beginning your college career!

Welcome to Stonehill! You have made a great choice on where to spend your next 4 years! Embrace all opportunities and enjoy each day (even while pulling study all-nighters)! I still live my life by the values that were instilled in me during my time at Stonehill. I had a great experience and pray you do as well!

Even though this year is going to be different than you probably thought, you are in for the best four years of your life as a Skyhawk!

I graduated from Stonehill in 2019 and am now coming back for my masters. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful campus and all it has to offer. It goes by in the blink of an eye!

Excited for my nephew Liam Bevens to experience Stonehill and all it has to offer. Take advantage of everything. You’ll make life long friendships and be equipped with the education to succeed in whatever career you choose. It’s been a long time since I was there but know the same strong educational foundation and great community of students remains.

Welcome to your home away from home! You have made a wonderful choice! Although this year is different for all of us, remember that there is great strength in the relationships we form with others when we ask for help. The bonds you form at Stonehill will last you all four years and beyond! Get ready to make some memories!

Welcome to your new home, Class of 2024! Stonehill is a community of leaders, passionate world-changers, kind faces, and smart innovators. We are lucky to have you join this network of current students, alumni, families, faculty and staff. Enjoy every minute of your time here, let your professors know who you are and what you dream of, and extend yourself to every new student you meet. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do!

Class of 2024 - congratulations! You're about to embark on a life-changing journey that will be full of ups, downs, and everything in between. These experiences will change your view of the world as you know it, challenge your current beliefs, and allow you to grow in unimaginable ways. You have already shown such strength and resilience as a class - carry this with you through your time at Stonehill! Make the most of every moment, no matter how small, because before you know it, you'll be walking across that stage to receive your diploma. Stay humble, stay kind, and most of all...don't blink.

Enjoy every moment. Pursue all your dreams. Nothing is out of reach. Find your people. My Plymouth housemate is still a best friend 20 something years later! Take advantage of the internship programs. My internship in DC was amazing! Try new things. Stonehill offers so many amazing experiences. Take advantage of it all!