Come to Campus Police, Madigan Carriage House, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for in house photo and Hill Card pick up. If you would like to submit a personal favorite photo, follow instructions below:

How to Upload Your Hill Card Photo

To upload a photo for your Hill Card ID, navigate your browser to

  • Click on the Click here to login hyperlink under Manage My Hill Card

If required, enter your email address and password to authenticate to Office 365. If you already have a browser session authenticated to Office 365, you may not be required to provide credentials to access your Hill Card portal.

Sign in box image

Your browser will open the Account Overview for your Hill Card. Navigate to the Upload Photo ID link on the right side of the page under Quick Links.

quick links box image showing to click on upload ID Photo

Click on the Choose File button under Upload ID Photo. Select a file from your computer which matches the criteria given.  

Image for upload ID Photo where you would choose file

Once you have selected a photo, press the Upload button to submit the photo to the system. After having uploaded your picture, please contact Campus Police to make arrangements to pick up your Hill Card ID.