DRAFT: 9/30/2008

  • Three-year time frame with specific goals in each of the professional areas, consistent with the criteria for tenure and promotion, as described within department and college-wide. 
  • Possible use of QuickPlace technology, in private area of Professor Place.
  • Clearly defined annual objectives in each area, with plan for achieving those objectives.
  • Agreement between faculty member and department chair on proposed plan
  • Will allow for explicit coordination among faculty expectations, faculty development resources and rewards. Provides basis for annual evaluations and merit review, and context for decisions and assessment regarding faculty development initiatives.

EXAMPLE – Junior Faculty Member, years 2, 3 and 4 at Stonehill College

Overall Goals for Three Years

  • Achieve teaching excellence, as assessed by student course evaluations and departmental colleagues.
  • Incorporate three new courses in own subject area into departmental curriculum.
  • Become regular instructor in gen-ed core course in department.
  • Enhance use of effective technology, achieving positive evaluations from students on use of technology in courses.


  1. Develop one new course, using enhanced technology.
  2. Improve student evaluations in area of organization and clarity of teaching.


  1. Take summer workshop with Inst. Technology on QuickPlace and use of multimedia room.
  2. Use $500 of Fac. Dev. Funds to attend pedagogy workshop on improved teaching in subject area.

Annual Review - Year 1

  • Complete manuscript of book, based on dissertation research, and receive contract from acceptable publisher.
  • Establish and implement research program that will involve students through SURE program.
  • Attend national or regional meetings, making presentations each year.
  • Apply for internal summer research grant.
  • Submit and publish one article in scholarly journal, based upon research done at Stonehill College.


  1. Present paper at national meeting.
  2. Complete 1/3 of chapters for book.
  3. Initiate research for publishable article, year 2-3.
  4. Develop background information for grant proposal submission to support research.


  1. Utilize $750 of Fac.Dev. Funds for travel to meeting.
  2. Apply for Summer Grant or SURE program to support writing or research.
  3. Spend $250 for supplies related to research.
  4. Attend Academic Development workshop to identify external funding sources.
  • Participate in departmental activities: academic advisor, departmental committees, faculty searches, other tasks.
  • Become a contributing member of one college standing committee.
  • Serve on at least one ad hoc committee.
  • Be a faculty instructor in Freshman Seminar program.


  1. Become a well-trained academic advisor.
  2. Volunteer for membership on standing committee, if appropriate one is open.
  3. Be a successful instructor in Freshman Seminar program.


  1. Attend advisor training workshop, and receive advisee assignments.
  2. Discuss committee membership with department chair and mentor.
  3. Attend training program for Freshman Seminar.
  4. Teach a Freshman Seminar.

Receive an excellent pre-tenure review recommendation from department, committee and Academic Vice-President.