A North Dakotan by birth and a New Englander by choice, Shane Maddock earned degrees at Michigan State University and the University of Connecticut.

Professor Maddock's general area of interest is twentieth-century America, both domestically and internationally. More specifically, he is interested in the interaction between culture (both popular and elite) and politics during this period. His most recent book, Nuclear Apartheid, explores the origins of U.S. nuclear nonproliferation policy and the influence of cultural perceptions and ideology on policy formation.

His next research project will explore the cultural history of vernacular music, with a focus on rock and roll and bluegrass. Other teaching areas include the Vietnam War, post-1945 reform and radical movements, and U.S. popular culture.


  • Ph.D. U.S. History (1997) University of Connecticut
  • M.A. U.S. History (1990) University of Connecticut
  • B.A. History (1989) Michigan State University

Courses Taught

  • Chuck Berry’s America (HIS 119)
  • From Depression to Dominance (HIS 303)
  • From New Frontier to New Century (HIS 307)
  • History of U.S. Foreign Relations (HIS 228)
  • United States History Seminar (HIS 330)
  • United States Popular Culture (HIS 304)
  • United States Popular Music (HIS 305)
  • Topics in U.S. Cultural History (HIS 306)
  • The Vietnam Era and Its Legacy (HIS 329)