My scholarly interests include the literature of the Romantic Age in Britain (1789-1832); poetry and poetics; the work of Bob Dylan; and the literature and culture of sports. In both my teaching and my research, I explore the relationship of the aesthetic to forms of the political, the social, and the historical, thereby seeking to enable dialogue across disciplines and historical periods.

I am currently working several projects. The first, Shelley's Romantic Nonviolence: Aesthetics and Politics in an Age of Revolution, establishes a relationship between Shelley's imagining of a politics of nonviolence and his theory and practice of art. Selections from this project have appeared in the Keats-Shelley Journal in 2010, Studies in Romanticism in 2013, and European Romantic Review in 2017. A second project, Romanticism Against History, reads the Romantic movement in Britain as a critique of the emergent forms of history and historical understanding in post-Enlightenment Europe. An essay drawn from this project appeared in ELH: the essay concerns the Ismail cantos of Byron's Don Juan.


  • Ph.D., Boston University
  • B.A., University of Michigan

Selected Publications, Articles & Awards


The Politics of Shelley: History, Theory, Form. Romantic Circles Praxis Series (October 2015). 


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Annual Essay Prize, Keats-Shelley Association of America, 2013: awarded for "The Politics of Subreption: Resisting the Sublime in Shelley's 'Mont Blanc.'"

Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Research Grant, Keats-Shelley Association of America, 2013.