Professor Brekke-Aloise specializes in United States history between the American Revolution and the Civil War. Her research focuses on consumer and material culture, and the intersection of fashion and capitalism in the Early Republic. She consults with museums and historic homes such as Mount Vernon to interpret the period of the nation’s founding. She is working on a new project Founding Fathers and Daughters and a book that explores science, gender, and the struggles of women to gain acceptance at Harvard University. She serves on the standing committees of American Studies and Gender Studies and is the program director for Gender and Sexuality Studies.


  • Ph.D. U.S. History (2007) Harvard University
  • M.A. U.S. History (2001) Harvard University
  • B.A. History (1998) Mount Holyoke College

Courses Taught

  • American Nation I (HIS 281)
  • American Nation II (HIS 282)
  • The Declaration of Independence in World History (HIS 101/FYS 115)
  • Heretics, Reformers and Radicals: Women & Power in American History (HIS 100/FYS 112)
  • Revolutionary America (HIS 328)
  • Topics in U.S. Women’s History (HIS 385)
  • Women in Early America, 1600-1865 (HIS 285)
  • Women in Modern America, 1865-1975 (HIS 287)
  • United States History Seminar (HIS 330)