Professor Carkin Lacorazza joined the faculty at Stonehill in the Fall of 2017. She teaches a variety of courses including Critical Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminal Mind, Mental Illness & Criminality, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice, and Capstone: Senior Thesis. She has served on student thesis committees outside of Criminology, supervised internships, and facilitated directed studies. Her office is actually located in Martin 235.

Professor Carkin Lacorazza is the Editor of Crime & Delinquency, a top-tier journal in the field. Under Professor Carkin Lacorazza's editorship, Crime & Delinquency achieved its highest impact factor score. She has published a number of peer-reviewed manuscripts and chapters, online publication, and co-authored book, Co-Occurring Disorders and Prisoner Reentry, with Dr. Paul E. Tracy. Additionally, she has over twenty conference presentations to date. Professor Carkin Lacorazza is currently working on a number of research projects with colleagues and students.

Professor Carkin Lacorazza serves as an external evaluator for several grant funded programs run by the Essex County Sheriff's Department. Through these exceptional community partnerships, she has obtained grant funding through the Bureau of Justice Assistance including the Second Chance Reentry Program for Adult Offenders with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders.


  • Ph.D., Criminal Justice & Criminology, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • M.A., Community Social Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • B.A., Social Science, Daniel Webster College


  • Outstanding PhD Student, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • Outstanding Service Award, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • Outstanding Community Social Psychology Graduate Student Award, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Research Interests

  • Marginalization of Juveniles & Juvenile Justice
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Reintegration of Returning Citizens
  • Programming in Correctional Facilities
  • Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Selected Publications & Presentations

Scholarly Publications – Peer Reviewed Book

Tracy, P.E. and Carkin, D.M. (2019). “Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders: Prisoner Reentry and Recidivism” for Cambridge Scholars


Scholarly Publications – Peer Reviewed Articles

Siaba, M.A., and Carkin Lacorazza, D.M. (2023).  Carkin Lacorazza, D. M. (2023). Introduction of the Post-Incarceration Success Index: A General Quantification of the Difficulties Faced by Reintegrated Peoples”. Journal of Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reentry, 2023(1), 1-21.

Twyman-Ghoshal, A. and Carkin Lacorazza, D.M. (2020). “Antiracist & Decolonized Teaching: A Call to Action”. The Criminologist, 45(5):3-6.

 Carkin, D.M. and Tracy, P.E. (2018). “Validating a Screening Instrument for Co-Occurring Disorders in a Sample of Jail Inmates.” Journal of Law and Criminal Justice, 6(1), 9-20

Scholarly Publications – Peer Reviewed Chapters

Carkin Lacorazza, D.M. & Siaba, MA. (2023). Effectiveness of Zero tolerance Policies and Suggestions for Improvement on Policies to Reduce School Violence. In Herron, J., Sartin, S., & Budd, J., Addressing Violence in the U.S. Public School System. IGI Global.

Carkin, D.M. & Maroun, R. (2020). Ethical Issues in Juvenile Justice. In Mackey, D., & Elvey, K., (Eds.), Society, ethics, and the law: A reader. Jones & Barnett Learning.  

Elvey, K. and Carkin, D.M. (2017). “National and International Organizations That Promote and Protect Social Justice”.  Handbook on Social, Economic, and Criminal Justice. Routledge.


Carkin, D.M. and Buzawa, E. (2017)

            “Sibling Abuse.”  The Encyclopedia of Juvenile Delinquency and Justice. Wiley- Blackwell.

 Online Publications

Twyman-Ghoshal, A. and Carkin Lacorazza, D.M. (2021). Strategies for Antiracist & Decolonized Teaching. Faculty Focus.




  • Participant, Inclusive Scholarly Practice in our Research and Classrooms, roundtable organized by Division of Women & Crime, DEI Committee, at the 2021 Annual Meeting of American Society of Criminology, Chicago, IL
  • Co-Facilitated roundtable with Dr. Kristine Levan (University of Idaho), Encouraging and Incorporating Student Involvement in Faculty Research, at the 2021 Annual Meeting of Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice
  • Co-Facilitated workshop with Dr. Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal (University of Gloucestershire), Anti-racist and Decolonized Teaching in Criminology, at the 2021 Annual Meeting of Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice