Daniel Itzkovitz is Professor of American literature and culture. He has published articles on Jewish studies, queer theory, film, and American literature, and is the editor of Fannie Hurst's novel Imitation of Life (Duke University Press, 2004) and Queer Theory and the Jewish Question (Columbia University Press, 2003), which he co-edited with Daniel Boyarin and Ann Pellegrini.

He is writing a book entitled Fixing the Jews, which examines 21st century attempts to fix the meanings of Jewishness, and in the process, to fix what's wrong with the Jews.


  • Ph.D., Duke University
  • B.A., Sarah Lawrence College

Selected Publications, Articles & Presentations

  • “North By Northwest,” Boston Institute for Psychotherapy: Psychoanalysis Goes to the Movies Film Series (March, 2013)
  • “Birthright Vegas: Wandering the Desert in Search of Jewishness,” University of California, Los Angeles (January 2013)
  • “People Who Need Peoplehood,” Graduate Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA (October 2012)
  • “Where is the Jewish Vote?” God in the White House Symposium, Graduate Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA, (October 2012)
  • “Notes from the Black-Jewish Monologue,” Posen Foundation Faculty SeminarHampshire College, Amherst, MA, (March 2011)
  • “Facts on the Ground: The Conversion Bill, the Loyalty Oath, and Birthright Israel,” Wellfleet Meetings, Wellfleet, MA (October 2010)
  • “Black-Jewish Relations as Jewish Self-Fashioning: Sarah Silverman, Barack Obama, and Jewish Nostalgia for the Civil Rights Movement,” MoVeRs: Jewish Mavericks, Visionaries & Rebels Lecture Series, University of Colorado, Boulder (April 2010)
  • “Becoming Post-Jewish” American Jewish Culture from the Inside Out Lecture Series, Hendrix College, Little Rock, AR (April 2009)
  • “Jewish Comedians, Jewish Renewal,”Bad Religion Lecture Series, Laboratory of Art and Ideas, Denver, CO (November 2008)
  • “Post-Racial/Post-Jewish:  Obama, Israel, Florida,” Wellfleet Meetings, Wellfleet, MA (October 2008)
  • “Re-ethnifying the American Jew” Dartmouth College Program in Jewish Studies (April 2008)
  • “They All Are Jews,” Milton B. Asbell Lecture in Judaic Studies, Dickinson College (April 2006)
  • “Digital Jewishness,” The Futures of Jewish Culture, Toronto, Canada (November 2005)
  • “Cather Among the Muckrakers,”Gender and Sexuality Lecture Series, The Humanities Center, Harvard University (March 1999)