Peter J. Mahoney


Peter Mahoney is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and medieval Iberian studies. His research chiefly focuses on legendary-epic texts and their intersection with medieval law and politics, their relationship with Spanish and Portuguese chronicles, and their characters’ reprisals in 15th-century ballads. He is in the early stages of a book project tentatively titled The Age of Heroes: The Formation and Formulation of Spain’s Glorious Past wherein he explores how several texts and their heroes were used throughout the Middle Ages to forge a unified “national” past, and how these texts—and their retellings—have led modern scholars to understand the epic genre. Professor Mahoney served as a collaborating editor of A Companion to “Poema de mio Cid” (Brill, 2018) and has completed The Seven Knights of Lara: Text, Context, and Translation (Juan de la Cuesta, forthcoming), a study and annotated translation of the Siete infantes de Lara. His articles have been published in journals including La Corónica and Cahiers d’Études Hispaniques Médiévales. He holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Language and Literatures from Boston University and has taught Stonehill College since 2011.


  • M.A., Boston University
  • Ph.D., Boston University

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Spanish I & II
  • Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • Perspectives in Spanish Language and Culture I & II
  • Spanish for Conversational Fluency
  • Survey of Spanish Culture and Civilization I
  • Mean Girls: Powerful Women and the Men They Hurt
  • Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Medieval Hispanic Texts
  • The Sword and the Cross: The Reconquest of Spain and the Conquest of America
  • Vamps and Virgins: Sex in the (Medieval) City
  • Christian, Jews, and Muslims of Spain: Medieval Minds in Modern English