Lincoln G. Craton


Professor Craton is originally from Michigan. His current music cognition research explores the qualia evoked by tones and chords, using computational models to test hypotheses about the biological basis of chord perception. When that seems too narrow, he pursues his other research interest, which is theorizing about the diverse mechanisms underlying musical response more generally. When that seems too broad, he returns to his research on chord perception. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Some Recent Publications

  • Craton, L. G. (in press). Toward a utilitarian theory of consumer response to advertising music. In J. Deaville, R. Rodman, & S. Tan (Eds.) The Oxford handbook of music and advertising. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Craton, L. G., Lee, J. H. J., & Krahe, P. M. (2019). It’s only rock ‘n roll (but I like it): Chord perception and rock’s liberal harmonic palette. Musicae Scientiae.
  • Craton, L. G., Lantos, G. P., & Leventhal, R. (2017). Results may vary: Overcoming variability in consumer response to advertising music. Psychology and Marketing, 34, 19-39.   Download  
  • Craton, L. G., Juergens, D. S., Michalak, H. R., & Poirier, C. R. (2016). Roll over Beethoven? An initial investigation of listeners’ perception of chords used in rock music. Music Perception, 33, 332-343.   Download  


  • B.S., Psychology, Tufts University
  • Ph.D., Child Psychology, University of Minnesota

Courses Taught

  • Psychological Science
  • Developmental Psychology I
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Advanced Research in Developmental Psychology