Research Interests

Throughout her career, Professor Anderson’s philosophy for teaching and research has always been to connect theory to practice by emphasizing the application of developmental principles to teaching and learning. Her research reflects her passion for the field of education as well as her enthusiasm for working with other educational practitioners, whether they are pre-service teachers or seasoned professionals. The overarching goal of her scholarship is to improve the lives of children and their families through improving educational practice. Therefore the bulk of her scholarship is directed towards practitioners in the field who are working with and for children and their families.

Professor Anderson’s scholarship can be best viewed as three converging lines:

  • The first, factors that impact strategy selection, began with her dissertation and is a consistent thread throughout all of her earlier publications (the ‘Round the Rug mathematics series published by McGraw Hill in 2002 and a book chapter by Casey, Pezaris, Anderson, & Bassi, 2003), and an article in Mind, Brain, and Education (Anderson, Casey, Thompson, Burrage, Pezaris, & Kosslyn, 2008).
  • The second line relates to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Professor Anderson published her first SoTL article in the summer of 2011 (Mooney & Anderson, 2011) and presented her first paper in the summer of 2012 at the International Center for Service-Learning in Teacher Education (ICSLTE). Utilizing a recently awarded $1.2 M National Science Foundation grant (based on a new model for the recruitment, training and retention of mathematics teachers which Dr. Anderson conceptualized), her work within SoTL will continue through the implementation, evaluation and dissemination of the results of this project.
  • The third line relates to her work to improve current practice of in-service teachers. Professor Anderson has developed and maintained a robust agenda for providing professional development to practitioners. This work has solidified her national presence in the field of early childhood education and has given her the opportunity to work with practitioners across the United States.