Selected Publications, Articles & Presentations


Prof. Piggford's scholarship on the Bloomsbury Group has appeared in Mosaic, The Charleston Magazine, and in Queer Forster, which he co-edited with Robert K. Martin ( Chicago, 1997). He edited Forster's "The Feminine Note in Literature" for the Bloomsbury Heritage series (Cecil Woolf, 2001). Essays on contemporary literature can be found in Modern Drama, English Studies in Canada, and Cultural Critique.


  • "Grace and Extravagance in Mark Doty's Elegies," in The Strategic Smorgasbord of Postmodernity (Cambridge Scholars, 2007).
  • "The Via Negativa in Forster's A Passage to India" in Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory (Wilfred Laurier, 2011)
  • "'Contentment in Dimness': Flannery O'Connor and Friedrich von Hugel" in Ragione, Fiction, e Fede (Prezzo di copertina, 2011)