Selected Publications, Articles & Presentations

Recent Publications

Invited Lectures

  • “North By Northwest,” Boston Institute for Psychotherapy: Psychoanalysis Goes to the Movies Film Series (March, 2013)
  • “Birthright Vegas: Wandering the Desert in Search of Jewishness,” University of California, Los Angeles (January 2013)
  • “People Who Need Peoplehood,” Graduate Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA (October 2012)
  • “Where is the Jewish Vote?” God in the White House Symposium, Graduate Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA, (October 2012)
  • “Notes from the Black-Jewish Monologue,” Posen Foundation Faculty SeminarHampshire College, Amherst, MA, (March 2011)
  • “Facts on the Ground: The Conversion Bill, the Loyalty Oath, and Birthright Israel,” Wellfleet Meetings, Wellfleet, MA (October 2010)
  • “Black-Jewish Relations as Jewish Self-Fashioning: Sarah Silverman, Barack Obama, and Jewish Nostalgia for the Civil Rights Movement,” MoVeRs: Jewish Mavericks, Visionaries & Rebels Lecture Series, University of Colorado, Boulder (April 2010)
  • “Becoming Post-Jewish” American Jewish Culture from the Inside Out Lecture Series, Hendrix College, Little Rock, AR (April 2009)
  • “Jewish Comedians, Jewish Renewal,”Bad Religion Lecture Series, Laboratory of Art and Ideas, Denver, CO (November 2008)
  • “Post-Racial/Post-Jewish:  Obama, Israel, Florida,” Wellfleet Meetings, Wellfleet, MA (October 2008)
  • “Re-ethnifying the American Jew” Dartmouth College Program in Jewish Studies (April 2008)
  • “They All Are Jews,” Milton B. Asbell Lecture in Judaic Studies, Dickinson College (April 2006)
  • “Digital Jewishness,” The Futures of Jewish Culture, Toronto, Canada (November 2005)
  • “Cather Among the Muckrakers,”Gender and Sexuality Lecture Series, The Humanities Center, Harvard University (March 1999)