Selected Publications, Articles & Presentations


  • House CM, Bleakley BH, Walling CA, Price TA, Stamper CE & Moore AJ. (In press) The influence of maternal effects on indirect benefits associated with polyandry. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.
  • Bleakley, B.H., J. Wolf, and A.J. Moore. (2010) Evolutionary quantitative genetics of social behaviour pp. 29-54 in Social behaviour: genes, ecology and evolution. T. Szekely, A.J. Moore, J. Komdeur, and M. Griffiths, eds. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  • Bleakley, B.H. and E.D. Brodie III. (2009) Indirect genetic effects influence antipredator behavior in guppies: estimates of the coefficient of interaction psi and the inheritance of reciprocity. Evolution 63(7): 1796–1806.
  • Bleakley, B.H., A.C. Eklund and E.D. Brodie III. (2008) Are designer guppies inbred? Microsatellite variation in five strains of ornamental guppies used for behavioral research. Zebrafish 5(1):39-48.
  • Bleakley, B.H., D.J. Parker*, and E.D. Brodie III. (2007) Non-additive effects of group membership can lead to additive group phenotypes for anti-predator behaviour of guppies, Poecilia reticulata. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20(4): 1375–1384.
  • Bleakley, B.H., C.M. Martell*, and E.D. Brodie III. (2006) Variation in anti-predator behavior in five strains of inbred guppies, Poecilia reticulata. Behavior Genetics 36(5): 783-791.

* Undergraduate co-authors

Symposia, Invited Talks and Workshops


  • Evolutionary Genetics of Cooperation and Cannibalism, University of Michigan Dearborn Research Symposium.


  • Indirect Genetic Effects in Studies of Behavior (Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society at Pírenopolis, Brazil, Organizer).
  • Interacting phenotypes, indirect genetic effects, and social selection in the evolution of cooperation and cannibalism. Research Seminar. University of Copenhagen.
  • Interacting phenotypes and the biology of social behavior. Workshop for the Biology of Social Cognition. Wellcome Trust, Hinxton, Cambridge.
  • Does who you hang out with matter? Behavioral evolution and indirect genetic effects in cooperation and cannibalism. Research Seminar. Northern Arizona University.


  • Evolution of interacting phenotypes: Indirect genetic effects on social, antipredator and cannibalistic behavior. Research Seminar. University of Basel.
  • Guppies and what they tell us about social cognition. Workshop for the Biology of Social Cognition. Cold Spring Harbor.


  • Indirect genetic effects of social environment influence the expression of antipredator behavior in guppies, Poecilia reticulata. Research Seminar. Mountain Lake Biological Station.