Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal


Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal holds a Ph.D. in Criminology and Justice Policy from Northeastern University, a Master’s degree in International Business Law from Queen Mary College, University of London and a Bachelor’s degree in Law with honors from University of Wolverhampton. Dr. Twyman-Ghoshal’s main research interests include governance, globalization and how these affect transnational crime, white collar crime, corruption, terrorism, and maritime piracy.

Dr. Twyman-Ghoshal's doctoral research created one of the most comprehensive contemporary maritime piracy databases available (Contemporary Maritime Piracy Database) and focused on understanding the sociological context for maritime piracy in Somalia. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Twyman-Ghoshal worked for the International Maritime Bureau in London investigating international shipping, trade and finance fraud as well as maritime piracy. Currently she is the newsletter editor for the American Society of Criminology's Division of International Criminology, she was also the book review editor and managing editor for the academic journal 'Crime, Law, and Social Change.' She is fluent in English, German, Polish, French and conversational Bengali. 



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  • Ph.D., Criminology & Justice Policy, Northeastern University
  • LL.M., International Business Law, Queen Mary, University of London (UK)
  • LL.B., Business Law, University of Wolverhampton (UK)

Research Interests

  • Transnational and International Crime
  • Globalization and Governance
  • Maritime Piracy
  • State and Corporate Crime
  • Terrorism

Courses Taught

  • Criminology
  • Critical Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Research Methods for Criminology
  • Globalization and Transnational Crime
  • Terrorism
  • State Crime and Human Rights