Amy E. Houston


Professor Houston studies the cultural, religious, and intellectual history of early modern Europe, especially France. She is particularly interested in the history of the book, sixteenth-century religious conflict, cultural and intellectual responses to warfare, the emergence of religious toleration and pluralism, the history of medicine, the relationship between popular and learned culture, and beliefs about magic and witchcraft in the early modern world.

Her current book project is a cultural and intellectual history of siege warfare in France during the wars of religion (1562-1628).


  • Ph.D. History (2010) Harvard University
  • M.A. History (2003) Harvard University
  • B.A. History (2000) The College of Idaho


  • European History Seminar (HIS 360)
  • Faith and Violence in Early Modern Europe (HIS 101/FYS 113)
  • Medicine, Healthcare and Society in Europe, 1000-1700 (100/131)
  • Renaissance and Revolutions: Early Modern Europe (HIS 227)
  • Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe (HIS 229)
  • The French Revolution (HIS 351)
  • Modern France (HIS 245)