Prayer for Discernment

God, right now I don’t know where You are calling me.

I do not see a clear path ahead of me, and I feel lost.

It is often so hard to know what I am supposed to do and even harder to know

what You want me to do.

I know, though, that all the right decisions will point me toward You.

I pray for an increase in trust in You, to know that if I am walking toward You,

even if the path is hard or uncertain, I am on the right path.

Open my eyes and ears so that I can better see the signs You have placed in my life,

and help me to more clearly hear Your call. Grant me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding necessary

to make sound decisions. Lord, help me to want what You want me to want.

—Matt Gosselin ’21

Prayer for Inclusion

Lord, help us to include all people in our love!

We know for every inclusion there is also an exclusion.

However much we try, there will always be a test of association or membership.

And those who fail that test will be excluded, withheld.

We need Your grace, Lord, to love all, even with our differences!

For in Christ, in His gospel, there is more similarity, likeness, and kinship

than in our human projects of achievement and success.

In You we have our hope,

with ease and friendship besides.


Prayer For Trust in God

God, all around me feels dark.

Remind me that You are both Light and Word.

I put myself into Your hands so You can put me back together with the glue of Your love.

May I push myself out of my comfort zone and commit to growth,

always and in all ways through You.

And may I look back on this time of struggle and know You were carrying me

to the blessing in the brokenness.

—Jessica Costello ’19