Kyle ’08 and Deming Schulberg, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., son, Alan Francis, 6/27/20

Kyndra (Angell) ’08 and Matthew Johnston, Kingston, son, Brooks Brian, 1/22/20

Keely (Farren) ’09 and Sean Cahalane, Marblehead, son, Declan Patrick, 5/29/20

Lenna (Dwyer) ’13 and Andrew Zitter, Hanover, Md., son, Timothy Kenneth, 4/23/19

Alyssa (Harel) ’11 and Eric ’10 Shelters, Middleboro, son, Connor Henry, 3/12/20

Kimberly (Arivella) ’10 and Mark ’10 Angelini, Amesbury, daughter, Julia Grace, 2/16/20

Janine (Connors) ’09 and Thomas Block, Derry, N.H., daughter, Emily Helen, 12/28/19

Emily LeDonne ’08 and Zachary ’08 Ennis, South Easton, son, Calvin John, 7/26/20

Samantha (Dircks) ’10 and Timothy ’07 Catoggio, Boston, daughter, Cecilia Marie, 1/25/20


Therese (Mance) ’11 and Michael Hayden, Milwaukee, Wis., daughter, Aurelia Jane, 2/27/20

Andrea (Topalis) ’10 and Daniel Fenton, West Hartford, Conn., son, Connor David, 9/7/19

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