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Where have Stonehill students studied abroad?


What kind of food does the dining hall serve?


How many classes will I have to take each semester?


What residence halls can I live in as a freshman?


Are athletic events popular?


Is there a way to get off campus if I don’t have a car?


How does the meal plan work?


Are there any fun places to go off campus?


Are the residence halls coed?


Does Stonehill offer job or internship help?


Is there a gym I can go to on campus?


What is most exciting event on campus?


Can I pick my own roommate?


How many students are enrolled at Stonehill?


How difficult is it to set up an interdisciplinary major/minor?


If you could sum up the typical Stonehill student, how would you describe him or her?


Can I minor in engineering

-Nick Lobik

Does Stonehill College offer aid (merit and need based) to international students?


Do I have to be Catholic to attend Stonehill?


About how many words should the Stonehill writing supplement for the Common App be?


If you are transferring as a sophomore, is it hard to catch up with everyone else?


How is the financial aid? Is it more grants than loans?


Do you have football as a sport at Stonehill?


What kind of scholarships does Stonehill give and what are the prerequisites and requirements to get them?


Can I minor in dance?


Is the SAT and ACT optional? Does this college require it?


What is the Visual and Performing Arts with a Music Concentration program like?


How good is stonehill with merit based financial aid and how is their music program?

-Jasmine Gold

Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus if they are a resident?


What is the deal with laptops? Is there a certain kind I should buy? Are there any deals through the school?


Does stonehill still have a laptop purchase program?

-Matthew Fitzgibbon

How is healthcare administration for a major? What kind of a career would help if you chose healthcare administraion?


How is the theater department? How many shows do they do every year?


Does the Shuttle bus cost anything?


Do you have to double major if you major in education? If so, can your other major be undeclared?


Does Stonehill offer any sign language courses?

-Kayla Frazer

Do you recommend Study Abroad?


I have been assigned to the Holy Cross Center for my dorm, and I was wondering how big the rooms are there. Do the beds have bed risers already built in?


For the bed risers, do they have to be a specific size?


Are there any fashion clubs or organizations on campus?


Does Stonehill offer a Bachelor of Business Administration degree?


How difficult is it for First-Year students to get into Boston?


Can freshmen participate in athletics?


Are there things to do on campus on the weekends? Do a lot of students go home?

-Amy Aeschliman

What is the Spanish program like with a minor in Secondary Education?


What are the average SAT scores and GPA over the last year or couple of years?


Can I defer admission for a year?

-Aoífe Thomas

What activities are there on the weekends? Are there any outdoor activities, like hiking trips?

-Megan Salemi

What kind of gpa is ideal to be accepted into stonehill?


What's the best way to insure acceptance at stone hill? I really, really want to go here!


How are the professors for bio and chem classes?


What is social life like at Stonehill? And do most kids go home on the weekends or stay on campus?


Can you have a car on campus as a freshman


If I am a commuter, does that mean I can't get a meal plan?


What percentage of kids entering the school have an established major?

-Spencer Pressley
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