Environmental Stewardship Council

The mission of the council is to foster proactive, environmentally sustainable policies, approaches, and practices by the campus community that are consistent with Stonehill's mission, guiding principles, and student learning goals and outcomes.

The Environmental Stewardship Council shall:

  • Develop and maintain a plan of environmentally sustainable goals, objectives, and action plans based on approved policies and practices and consistent with the College's mission, guiding principles, and policies.
  • Formulate, review, and recommend environmentally sustainable and fiscally sound policies and practices.
  • Define instructional space on campus that must remain in its natural state for teaching and research purposes.
  • Promote environmentally conscious activities on- and off-campus.
  • Oversee the Green Fund and award funding to qualified candidates.

Council Members

The council includes two faculty members, two students, including the president of Students for Environmental Action (SEA), and at least one representative from each administrative division of the College. The Council's 2016-2017 members are:

  • Andy Anderson, Residence Life
  • Bruce Boyer, Facilities
  • Kristin Burkholder, Academic Faculty
  • Nicole Casper, Archives
  • Kim Cordeiro, Mission
  • Doreen DelMonaco, Student Financial Services
  • Ellen Edgerton '17
  • Kathy Falcone, Human Resources
  • Bridget Meigs, Academic Faculty
  • Sue Mooney (Chair), Academic Faculty
  • Cheryl Schnitzer, Academic Faculty
  • Geoff Smith, Marketing
  • Emily Van Auken '18
  • Kim Wheeler, Advancement
  • Greg Wolfe, Purchasing
  • Other participants:  Craig Binney, Deb Carpenter, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Jessa Gagne, Bob MacEachern, Tom McGrath, Bridget O'Brien, Paul Ricci, Alecsandra Steele '19

Sustainability Plan

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Sustainability Reports

Meeting Minutes