Sustainability Initiatives

Campus Initiatives 


The change to Single stream recycling began on June 24, 2013. With the single stream system all recycled materials can now be mixed together in the same container. The recycling containers around campus have been labeled with the side image to help aid in the recycling process.

Moving to single stream recycling will make it easier for the community to recycle, and in turn help increase our recycling efforts.



Stonehill has taken a commitment to reduce energy usage by 20% by FY2018. There are several things the college is doing to reach this goal.

  • Solar Farm
  • Electric meters
  • Motion sensor light switches/occupancy sensors
  • Lighting Retrofits

In every one of our older buildings lighting retrofits have been installed. Lighting retrofits reduce the amount of wattages being used allowing for more energy efficiency. It is estimated that 90% or more of the interior lighting has undergone some type of lighting retrofits.

Water conservation

Aside from, "Stop the Drop," a student commitment to water conservation, the administration has taken steps around campus to reduce the amount of water usage on campus. 

  • Instillation of water-saving shower heads and faucets that will save 4 million gallons per year.
  • Automatic sprinkler shutoff in inclement weather
  • Motion sensor sinks

Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays encourage the student body to abstain from meat on Mondays. The dining hall offers more meatless options on Mondays to aid students in this commitment. Why  should you go meatless one day a week? Learn here.


Stonehill's dining company, Sodexo, composts all pre-consumer scraps including cooking oil, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds. Students are able to compost post-consumer items such as fruits, vegetables, and salad scraps. All compost in the Commons is retrieved and brought to the farm where it is used to enrich soil and nurture crops.

Freshman Green Kits

Stonehill’s commitment to being more sustainable and instilling environmental behavior and values in incoming students has resulted freshman “Green Kits”. Green Kits are a basic starter kit to sustainable living here at Stonehill. All incoming freshman receive their Green Kit at fall orientation in a recycling bin for their dorm room containing a hand towel, laundry detergent pods, a reusable to-go container, reusable hot and cold tumblers, pens, a notebook, a reusable bag, and a recycling bin.