Moore Center for Gender Equity

In the Spring 2011, the Women's Center was renamed the Moore Center for Gender Equity and is now housed in the Academic Division of the College. We are thrilled to be able to support this impactful center! To learn more about the Moore Center for Gender Equity, please contact Professor Wendy Chapman Peek at

Prior to Spring 2011, the Office for Intercultural Affairs hosted the Maryalice Conley Moore Women's programming series. This series connected to the college's commitment to diversity of race, ethnicity and gender while empowering voices of activism, equality and justice.

The Intercultural Resource Center at Stonehill College served to provide:

  • a welcoming space for every student to engage and discuss gender issues
  • opportunity for students to look at societal issues through programming
  • special attention to the way gender identities intertwine with additional identities such as race, nationality, class, religion, physical and mental ability, and issues of positional power
  • an outlet to discuss the sociopolitical influences on our construct of gender
  • empowerment of the voice of women and the ally development of men
  • a meeting space where clubs and organizations who are actively addressing issues of gender can hold meetings and discussion events

The Stonehill College Women’s Programming Series embraces the Catholic mission of serving all people and addressing issues of social injustice.

As a women’s series in a Catholic college, we support and encourage women in the full attainment of their personal, professional, spiritual, and educational goals.


The Women’s Programming Series is named after MaryAlice Conley Moore (1919-1993), the founder of Stonehill's Chemistry Department. Dr. Moore came to Stonehill College in 1956 with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. Dr. Moore served as the Chair of Stonehill's Chemistry Department for twenty years. Reestablished in 2006, the Moore Center is open to all women and men, and both groups and individuals are encouraged to utilize the space.

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