The Document Center

The Document Center can help you with your copy/printing needs, bindery needs, and many other services.

As part of an efficiency and sustainability initiative, the College will internally operate the Document Center starting July 1, 2016. As the College continues to reduce our reliance on printed materials, we will be changing our operations to best deliver print and copier services. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we move forward with our new copier/print management program.

Guidelines for Work Submitted

  1. For jobs with less than 300 pages, departmental printer/copiers should be the preferred method as these machines are equipped to handle this level of volume.
  2. For jobs with 300 to 1000 pages, requests may be submitted to the Document Center. Please allow for a turnaround time of 3-5 business days depending on the complexity of the job and volume of other jobs.
  3. For jobs over 1000 pages, please contact the Document Center directly to determine if the job can be done in-house or whether it would be serviced best by an external vendor.
  4. For rush work or special jobs, please contact the Document Center directly to ensure extra attention.

Course Packs

It is strongly recommended that you make use of the library’s electronic reserves system (Ares) rather than asking the Document Center to print a course pack. To do this, please contact the circulation department in the library (508-565-1313). You must allow 2 weeks for production of course packs (no exceptions). Please visit the library website for more information.

Xerox Devices

The College continues to have a service agreement with Xerox for repair and maintenance services of copy machines. 


Service calls will be initiated by a department employee who can contact Xerox at an 800 number to be provided. Within 4 hours, a technician will respond by phone to complete a troubleshooting exercise with the department employee. If the device cannot be fixed with the troubleshooting exercise, a service technician will be sent within the next day, or Xerox may direct you to contact the IT Service Desk (x 4357) to resolve an internal issue (if applicable).


The Document Center will track supply usage and provide supplies like toner, cartridges and fusers for Xerox devices. Please contact the Document Center (ext. 1264) if you get a pop up notice related to supplies on your Xerox device.  Supplies will be delivered to departments by Mail Services.  Insertion of supplies (ink cartridges and toners) can be done by a department employee or by the Mail Services staff member. 

Non-Xerox Devices

If a department encounters a service problem with a non-Xerox printer, please call the IT Service Desk (ext. 4357) or email  who will direct you for either repair service or supply needs. Supplies for non-Xerox printers, such as Sunprint HP devices, will be maintained through the Document Center. The center will maintain an inventory of toner supplies and manage delivery and installation in the same manner as for Xerox devices.

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