Teaching and Learning Strategies Seminar

quote from faculty member about TLSS

The Teaching and Learning Strategies Seminar provides faculty the opportunity to reflect critically on their teaching in collaboration with their colleagues and in the context of the larger Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

The TLSS accepts up to five full-time faculty each year. These faculty are provided with a semester-long course release (or, in some cases, a stipend) so that they can:

  • pursue a teaching-related question of their own interest and
  • participate in a weekly seminar where they will discuss readings, share ideas, offer mutual support, and learn from colleagues and outside professionals with particular expertise in their areas of interest.

Find the most recent seminar schedule here.

The TLSS should not be mistaken for a remedial course for faculty who have problems with their teaching. On the contrary, placements in the seminar are competitively decided, in part based on evidence of the applicant's on-going commitment to excellence in teaching.