Academic Development Day/Week

Twice a year the College dedicates time for faculty discussions about relevant curricular issues and other faculty development activities.  Suggestions for topics can be directed to Maria Curtin.

Academic Development Day, October 11, 2016

Prof. Jonathan Plucker is the Julian C. Stanley Endowed Professor of Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University, where he works in the School of Education and Center for Talented Youth. He graduated with degrees in chemistry education and educational psychology from UConn, then after briefly teaching at an elementary school in New York, received his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Virginia. He has also taught at the University of Maine, Indiana University, and University of Connecticut. His research examines education policy and talent development, with over 200 publications to his credit. His books include Creativity and InnovationIntelligence 101 with Amber Esping, and Essentials of Creativity Assessment with James Kaufman and John Baer. He is an APA and AAAS Fellow and recipient of the Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement from APA and Distinguished Scholar Award from NAGC.

Academic Development Day Schedule

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Past AD Day Programs

  • Spring 2016: Academic Development Week
  • Fall 2015: Teaching and Learning in a Technology Rich Student Culture
  • Spring 2015: Academic Development Week
  • Fall 2014: "Creativity Across the Disciplines" 
  • Fall 2013: "Teaching Naked" (José Bowen)
  • Fall 2012:  "Metacognition in the Classroom" (Saundra McGuire)
  • Spring 2012:  "Stereotype Threat and Academic Achievement" (Geoff Cohen)
  • Fall 2011:  "Decoding the Disciplines" (David Pace & Arlene Díaz); "Creating Inclusive Classrooms" panel
  • Fall 2010:  "Learning to Write/Writing to Learn" (David Fleming)
  • Spring 2010:  "Public Scholarship/Public Pedagogies" (Cathy Burack, Timothy Eatman, & Bob Zellner)
  • Spring 2009:  "Diversity Matters" (Ron Jackson)
  • Fall 2008:  "Navigating the Academic Career"
  • Spring 2008: "Engaging Students In and Out of the Classroom"