Retreats are available for students to deepen their faith life and spirituality. Campus Ministry sponsors the Stonehill Encounters Christ Weekend, a Senior Retreat, Women's & Men's Retreat and less formal opportunities to discuss faith issues and share prayer.

Retreat Leadership Team Program

Retreat Leadership Team Applications for the First Year Student and Fall Christ Encounters retreats are available and due September 6th. Please use the link to apply:

More information about the requirements and expectations of retreat team members can be found on the attached information sheet. Please see the link: Fall Leadership Team Information Sheet

First Year Student Retreat

The First Year Student Retreat is a one day experience held in September and is an opportunity for students new to campus to begin their personal journey at Stonehill and to begin to ask some of the big questions that are part of the college experience like who am I? and what do I hope to get out of my time at Stonehill?

The Retreat is led by our Campus Ministers and Student Leaders with the goal of building community, familiarize students with the offerings of Campus Ministry, and giving students a deeper understanding of spirituality and faith at college. This opportunity is open to first year students of all faith backgrounds. No previous experience on retreats is required! For more information please contact our Campus Minister for Retreats, Ricky Bevington. Registration will be open the first week of classes in the Fall.

Registration for the 2017 First Year Student Retreat is now open! This year's retreat is called "With Courage" and will revolve around developing the courage to better know ourselves, our community, and God. The retreat is open to all first year students regardless of faith background and no previous retreat experience is required. The retreat is free and food will be served. This evening long retreat will be held Friday, September 22nd beginning at 6pm in the Martin Auditorium:

Christ Encounter Retreat

The Christ Encounter Retreat is Stonehill's most popular retreat. The retreat takes place at a Camp in Freetown in November, and again in February. The retreat is organized almost completely by students under the guidance of our Campus Ministers.

Through talks, reflection, conversation, and prayer, participants will discover how they encounter Christ in their everyday life. You will meet wonderful people, learn about yourself, think reflectively about faith and spirituality, and you will have a great weekend away from Stonehill. Registration for these retreats along with further information will available mid-October, and in mid-January. Feel free to contact Campus Ministry with any questions.

Senior Retreat

This is a wonderful opportunity for our seniors to go away for a weekend, reflect upon their time at Stonehill, and prepare themselves for their last semester. This year's retreat is on January 26-28, 2018 at Camp Toah Nipi.  Contact Campus Ministry with any questions.

Women's Retreat

The Women's Retreat at Stonehill creates a space for students and employees to explore the spiritual dimensions of being women at Stonehill through the lens of the Catholic faith.  The Women's Retreat offers an opportunity for women to come together in a spiritually nourishing environment to discuss women's issues through a holistic experience which engages the essence of being feminine. Working closely with the Moore Center for Gender Equity and the club Women's Health and Empowerment Now! (WHEN!) the Office of Campus Ministry is proud to offer an inclusive and exciting opportunity for women.  For more information please contact MaryAnne Cappelleri.  The Interfaith Women's Spirituality Group meets biweekly throughout the year to discuss what it means to be a woman of faith at Stonehill, can contact MaryAnne as well.

Men's Day Away Retreat

Each Spring, we offer an opportunity for men to get away for a simple day with one another.  The day consists of an event - hiking, or an obstacle course, or something of the kind - as well as time to be with one another and address some of the biggest questions of our lives that we don't always have the opportunity to address. "They must also be a way for men of faith to explore the life of the spirit with one another, lest we should speak least about what means most to us" (CSC Constitutions, #4: Brotherhood).  Keep on the lookout for more information.  If you have any questions, contact Campus Minister for Retreats, Ricky Bevington.