Moreau Student Ministry

Moreau student ministers live out the Gospel as their faith informs their spirituality in their daily lives. Living among their peers, student ministers support residents with their presence, attitudes and trained skills.

They willingly set time aside for their peers as they actively serve them through their ministry, thus evangelizing the student body through their prayer, practice and partnership of Christian life.

How do Moreau Student Ministers interact with students on campus?

Student ministers participate and assist RA’s and others who plan and implement programming while creating a welcoming environment to encourage students to become involved in healthy activities.

Through kindness, availability and compassion, student ministers accommodate the needs of both Campus Ministry and Residence Life by their positive attitude toward a healthy lifestyle and spirituality.

Student ministers organize Faith Sharing Groups which are small Christian faith communities. These meetings happen weekly and offer students the opportunity to reflect on the Gospel and their own spirituality in contemporary life.

Moreau Community Life

Moreau student ministers meet regularly to share concerns and ideas among themselves and access and evaluate their activities with Stonehill College Campus Ministers.

In addition, each student minister is assigned to one particular Stonehill Campus Minister, who mentors the student and is present is a particular way for individual conversation, spiritual direction and pastoral care.