Research Interests:

The American Presidency, American political history, politics, law and political parties. He teaches courses on Constitutional Law, American Political Thought, Executive Power, and Governance in the Modern Era.

Courses Taught:

His courses, "Power, Politics, and Policymaking in Washington DC," and "Governance in the Modern Era," both involve travel to Washington and New York City for in-depth seminars with leaders of government, interest groups, academia, and the media. This fall he is teaching a course on Election 2008 that will travel to Washington for the Inauguration and in the spring he is teaching a Learning Community, Music, Culture & Politics in the US-Latin American Relationship. The integrated portion of this course will involve an in-depth exploration of Latin American-American politics and culture hallmarked by a visit to Mexico City in March.


Ubertaccio's article, "Wilson's Failure: Roots of Contention about the Meaning of a Science of Politics," (with Brian Cook) was published in the American Political Science Review in November 2006. Peter sat on a roundtable to discuss the 2006 elections at the annual meeting of the British Association of American Studies in Leicester, England and also presented a paper, with Patrick O'Toole '07, on the network marketing of American political parties. This topic was also the subject of previous talks that he delivered to the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and the Southwestern Social Science Association.

He and his wife, Marcia, live on Cape Cod and have three children, Alexa, Julia, and Jake.


  • B.A. in Politics from the Catholic University of America
  • Ph.D. in Politics from Brandeis University