Kathleen C. Brenner


Katie is the technical support liaison for library staff. She is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting all hardware, software, and library applications. As the library embarks on new initiatives and projects, Katie is constantly researching and testing how emerging technologies and trends will impact both librarians and students in the academic library setting. She works with all departments within the library and often consults with the Department of Information Technology on campus for additional support when needed.

She found her niche in higher education technology after her experience as a work-study student for Information Technology at Salisbury University during her junior and senior years. Prior to joining the MacPhaidin Library in August 2011, she worked in Information Technology at Curry College and ID Card Services at Salisbury University.

Outside of the library she enjoys working out, running and hiking with her dog, reading, baking, photography, traveling, and celebrity gossip. She grew up playing lacrosse on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and was a member of the Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) women’s lacrosse team in 2003-2004 and a volunteer assistant women’s lacrosse coach at Curry College in 2009.