Karl Giberson


Karl Giberson is a science-and-religion scholar, speaker, and writer. He has lectured at the Vatican, Oxford University, London's Thomas Moore Institute, the Ettore Majorana center in Sicily, the Venice Institute of Arts and Letters, the University of Navarre in Spain and at many American venues, including MIT, Brigham Young, Xavier, Wheaton, University of Colorado, the Harvard Club of New York and others.

His books have been translated into Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Romanian and he has been featured in magazines from Spain and Brazil, as well as many American publications, including USA Today, Salon.com, Newsweek, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Phoenix. He has appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation, the Milton Rosenberg show and other radio programs, and been featured in the NY Times "bloggingheads" video series with Robert Wright as well as WBZ's "Higher Ground" program. He has published hundreds of articles, reviews, and essays, both technical and popular, in a broad cross-section of media outlets including the NY Times, USA Today, and CNN.com.

He has written or co-authored 9 books, and contributed to many edited volumes.  His books include: Worlds Apart: The Unholy War Between Science and Religion (1993, Beacon Hill); Species of Origins: America's Search for a Creation Story (2002, Rowman & Littlefield, with Don Yerxa); Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists Versus God and Religion (2007, Oxford University Press, with the late Mariano Artigas); Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution (2008, HarperOne), which the Washington Post called "One of the best books of 2008"; The Language of Faith and Science: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions (2011, InterVarsity, with Francis Collins); Quantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion (2011, Lion Hudson, with Dean Nelson); The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age (September, 2011, with Randall Stephens), published under Harvard University Press's Belknap imprint; The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in a Fine-Tuned World (2012, InterVarsity Press); and Seven Glorious Days: A Scientist Retells the Genesis Creation Story (2012, Paraclete Press). His tenth book, due out in 2014 from Beacon, explores the historical controversies that have surrounded Adam & Eve, especially the challenges posed by Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Giberson blogs at The Huffington Post where his articles have generated thousands of comments and are frequently featured. He was the founding editor of Science & Theology News, the leading publication in the field until it ceased publication in 2006, and editor-in-chief of Science & Spirit magazine from 2003-2006. One of his essays appears in a popular anthology used to teach freshman writing. From 1984 to 2011, Giberson was a professor at Eastern Nazarene College where he developed interdisciplinary courses and programs, including the college's first honors program. Initially teaching traditional courses in the physics department, the area of his Ph.D, he also developed and taught courses in the history of science, critical thinking, contemporary issues, science & religion, as well as topical honors seminars. From 2007 to 2010 he headed the Forum on Faith at Science at Gordon College. For 3 years, ending in 2009 he was the program director for the Venice Summer School on Science & Religion, located at the Venice Institute for Arts and Letters. In 2008 Giberson worked with Francis Collins to create the BioLogos Foundation, an initiative promoting science to religious constituencies inclined to reject it.

Giberson’s research interests include the interaction of science and religion, especially the contemporary conflict over evolution. He has been the recipient of grants totally several million dollars and recently got a $200,000 grant from the Templeton Foundation to explore the theological implications of randomness in the world. The grant will fund major conference at Stonehill in the fall of 2014.


  • MA, Ph. D., Physics, Rice University
  • B.S., Physics/Math, Eastern Nazarene College
  • B.A., Philosophy, Eastern Nazarene College


  • Karl Giberson's book Saving Darwin was recognized by the Washington Post Book World as a "Best Book of 2008."

Research Interests

  • The interaction of science and religion, especially the contemporary conflict over evolution.

Courses Taught

  • Does Science Disprove God?
  • Science and Belief
  • Learning Community: The Big Bang Theory and Other Scientific Artforms