John C. Rodrigue


Professor Rodrigue joined Stonehill's faculty as the Lawrence and Theresa Salameno Professor of History in the fall of 2007. He taught at Louisiana State University from 1996 to 2007, and he was an editor on the Freedmen and Southern Society Project at the University of Maryland from 1992 to 1996. Prof. Rodrigue received his Ph.D. in 1993 from Emory University, working under the direction of Prof. James L. Roark.

His teaching and research interests focus on nineteenth-century United States history, specifically the Civil War and Reconstruction era, slavery and emancipation, the U.S. South, and African-American history.

Prof. Rodrigue has recently published Lincoln and Reconstruction, a volume in Southern Illinois University Press's Concise Lincoln Library series. He is currently working on a study of the abolition of slavery in the lower Mississippi valley during the Civil War. He is also working on a long-term project on the southern planters after the war.


  • Ph.D. U.S. History (1993) Emory University
  • M.A. U.S. History (1986) Columbia University
  • B.A. History (1983) Rutgers University


  • Abolition and Proslavery Thought (HIS 335)
  • African American History (HIS 321)
  • American Civil War & Reconstruction (HIS 327)
  • From Jackson to Lincoln (HIS 324)
  • History of American Freedom (HIS 101/FYS 124)
  • Lincoln and His America (HIS 325)
  • United States History Seminar (HIS 330)