Elyssa Feliciano ’12 knows how to place the right people in the right job. An experienced recruiter, she works as a talent acquisitions manager for Ceres, Inc., a global nonprofit sustainability organization. Feliciano also knows what it takes to be happy in a job.

“Career happiness is about overcoming fear and limiting beliefs,” she says. “Really allowing yourself to brainstorm and think about how you want to spend your time—if money, time and certifications weren’t a thing, what would you be doing? And then looking at the bigger picture, taking a more holistic view of work and what that actually means.”

After completing a five-month training course, Feliciano became a certified career happiness coach. While there are many types of executive and career coaching programs, this specific field focuses on helping people move past their comfort zones and broaden their perspective on what they can consider as a career.

“The idea is to help people overcome the hesitancy that often surrounds job searching and to show them what career choices are attainable,” says Feliciano.

As a result of the pandemic, as well as an increase in millennials in the workforce, Feliciano says there has been a collective shift happening in the workplace.

“Generational differences and also technological advancements are changing how we work and how we live,” she says. “The value placed on work-life balance is different than in past generations. We are seeing a shift from the 9-to-5 corporate structure, moving into a new age of work.”

A tip that Feliciano, who presents on career happiness at Ceres and recently hosted a virtual program with Stonehill alumni, often shares: Research and explore your options.

“Find the people who are doing the work that you are interested in and talk to them,” Feliciano advises. “You don’t know what you don’t know, so it is important to expand your knowledge.”