Abigail Soraci ’16 and Devin Sadakierski ’16, 5/8/21

Andrew Wood ’04 and Liz McBride, 9/20/20


Jessica Albano ’15 and Brandon Weiss ’15, 5/29/21

Nicole Miller ’16 and Thomas DePoalo ’16, 6/18/21

Katherine Abruzzese ’10 and Karl Kuykendall, 9/6/20

Christine Zambernardi ’16 and Daniel Miner ’16, 7/10/21

Brianna Kastukevich ’10 and Thomas Robert ’10, 5/28/21

 Erin Leo ’15 and David Gorey ’16, 8/6/21

More Weddings 

Joseph Barbuto ’85 to Denise Gannaway, 8/1/20

Kimberly Allen ’12 to David Scotland, 8/23/20

Sabrina Gray ’16 to Patrick Gilbert, 6/19/20

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