Class Note Highlights

  • Finding Room for Two Passions

    Donna (Sarantakes) Meaney ’69 recalls her days dancing as a Rockette in the summer and returning to Stonehill to study education in the fall. "It was the best of both worlds," says Meaney.  

  • Returning to His Roots

    As a graduate support director at San Miguel School in Providence, Sao "Johnny" Kue ’05 helps guide students at the middle school he attended. "I always wanted to help kids stay on the right path," he says. "Now I'm blessed with the opportunity to do that every day." 

  • Plotting a New Course

    Whitney Wemett ’16 pivots from accounting to a career as a marine scientist. "Stonehill does a great job of preparing us for different career fields," she says. "It made me a critical thinker and gave me the courage, skills and strength to find a different career path." 

Our Executive Officers

Volunteer Spotlight
Meet the three alums who are leading the Alumni Council.
  • Milestones

    Milestones showcases the many celebrations in the lives of our alumni as well as the lasting friendships that were made at Stonehill. 

  • In Memoriam

    Remembering Stonehill alumni and community members who passed.


At Homecoming in October, alumni and their families returned to campus for a day of festivities. Pillar Society member Richard MacDonald ’62 joined fellow classmates at a Mass and lunch in Donahue Hall, where he showed off his Stonehill student ID card. Sixty-one years after his graduation, he still keeps it tucked in his wallet. "I always carry it with me," MacDonald noted.