President's Letter

Finding Your Path

SUCCESS and personal fulfillment do not always occur in a straight line. All too often, they are achieved when we travel a winding road or walk an unexpected path, which means being open to opportunity and risk, exploring new interests and digging deep to find what really motivates and inspires us in life.

Our cover story “Who But Leo Meehan?” demonstrates this very idea. Today, Leo Meehan ’75 is the CEO of W.B. Mason, the fourth largest office products company in the world. However, when he started with the company, it was tiny, according to his career counselor.

Instead of being deterred, Meehan saw opportunity and grasped it with both hands. Finding his calling, he worked hard and, in the process, transformed a local business into a global entity.

In a similar vein, in “The Unexpected Path,” we meet five alumni from different walks of life, all of whom sensed a desire within to achieve something different and more meaningful in their lives than what they started out doing. They share, in their own words, their stories of change, drive and transformation.

With the graduation of more than 520 students on May 20, there are lessons and examples in these stories for our newest graduates. The quest for meaning and inspiration is a constant in life, and it is imperative to keep an open mind to the unexpected turns and detours you may experience.

Given the changes in higher education today, it is also imperative for colleges like Stonehill to be open to change and adaptation, to ensure that our mission remains relevant and vibrant.

To this end, I am happy to report that the Academic and Welcome Center is on schedule to open in August, and work is underway on the Leo J. Meehan School of Business, which will open in August 2019.

These buildings, along with the introduction of master’s degree programs starting with integrated marketing communications, represent our desire not to stand still but to move forward with confidence.

I hope the stories in this issue give you a vivid sense of how the College’s educational mission continues to flourish and how our alumni are leading lives of meaning and deep purpose.

Sincerely in Holy Cross,

Rev. John Denning, C.S.C.