Daughter’s Experience

As a parent of a current sophomore, I received the Stonehill Alumni Magazine and read the “Forty Seasons” article by groundskeeper Ken Percy [Winter/Spring ’17, p. 41]. What a wonderful career he’s had—his story really portrayed how proud he is of his work—and rightly so! No matter who I speak to about my daughter’s college, everyone who has ever been to Stonehill comments on what a beautiful campus it is. I agree. My daughter has had a wonderful start to her college years. She has texted me pictures throughout the year of the campus—pictures of the trees in the fall, the Christmas lights in December, the beautiful flowers in the spring. This past spring, she found a favorite outdoor study spot near O’Hara Pond. The outdoor environment complements the wonderful inner-makings of the school. Thank you to Ken Percy for helping to make it such a beautiful place.
Terese Hardy P’20, Acton, Massachusetts

Hat’s Off to Ken

I just read Ken Percy’s essay in the Winter/Spring SAM [“Forty Seasons,” p. 41] and have to add that he is hiding his light under a bushel. During my 14 years as a librarian at MacPháidín Library, Ken was one of the nicest people to come through the front doors. He was always cheerful, helpful and a downright pleasure to work with. When I was a collection development librarian, he transported hundreds of boxes of books for me—from faculty offices to the library, within the library floors, from a major donor’s home in Cambridge to the library, for library book sales, and he helped send books to the Holy Cross School in Agartala, India. My hat is off to Ken, and my heart is full of appreciation.
Betsy Dean, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Popular Band-Aids

In the last issue, we gave away some of our purple Band-Aids and cases. The responses [below] showed that our readers do bleed purple!

Thank you so much for the fun Band-Aids! I have an 11-year-old “purple girl” who’ll be happy to know that I have these in my purse in case of emergency. Purple Band-Aids clearly heal boo-boos much more quickly than the standard variety (indeed, there have even been studies done around the world on this very fact). Thanks for helping keep Stonehill close to my heart with a great alumni magazine—and some purple cheer!
Michelle (Bodak) Acri ’91
Milford, Connecticut

I hope you are enjoying the pre-Commencement excitement at Stonehill! I was just perusing the latest edition of SAM and saw the Band-Aid offer. Are there any of these awesomely festive first aid supplies left? Looking forward to reading the rest of the magazine.
Allyson Manchester ’11
Falmouth, Massachusetts

My kids and I bleed purple! Do you have any SC purple cases with Band-Aids left?
Craig O’Connor ’01
Astoria, New York

What a fun idea for the Band-Aids. It would be the perfect addition to my first aid kit for my grade one students.
Allison Rose ’13
Somerville, Massachusetts

Hope I can snag the snazzy case for bandages. My little granddaughter will be comforted, I’m sure, by a bandage of her favorite color. A future alum, perhaps?
Patricia (Squizzero) Yanikoski ’77
Stoughton, Massachusetts

Moore Center Correction

In “Reflections on the Stations” [W/S ’17, p. 5], we incorrectly listed the Moore Center for Gender Equality as one of the groups that participated in the Stations. The correct title is the Moore Center for Gender Equity.