Renewed Faith in Humankind

After reading “Searching for More Good” by Lauren Daley ’05 [p. 12], I remained in awe. What Mary Latham ’09 is doing is beyond amazing.
To have that level of optimism and desire to turn “hurt into happy” not only inspires me, but also gives me a renewed faith in humankind. Ms. Latham has inspired me to get outside of myself at least on a daily basis going forward.
What was most poignant to me was the reference to Sandy Hook. As you know, this tragic event took place on December 14, 2012. It is forever etched in my memory not only because of its heinous nature, but also because I remember watching it unfold on the news as we decorated for my own daughter’s 4th birthday at the time.
I remember feeling a paralyzing fear that this could ever happen—let alone right down the road.
I also felt warmth as Ms. Latham called out her group of girls and the impact they had upon her. That is a gift that Stonehill has always, and continues, to give. Through my life’s treasures and tragedies, my friends from Stonehill have been by my side—it is ingrained in you from the moment you step on campus.

Thank you for this article. At the risk of being hyperbolic, I will state it was life-changing for me.
Robert Pirri ’88 | Bristol, RI

Listen Quietly

Once, again, another interesting issue of the Stonehill magazine. I was particularly struck by the poignant photo of my friend, Joseph Bettencourt ’58, kneeling in prayer [“Alumni Day,” p. 28].

I’m old enough now to know we are probably better off if we periodically bow our head and just listen quietly. If Stonehill is unique, I think that is a part of its gift. It’s a courageous photo, which now graces our home. It called me to attention, and I can only imagine that many other readers were also moved.

James Michael Duane ’68 | Cambridge, MA

Remembering Professors

I was moved by the news of the passing of Professors Robert Goulet and Peter Beisheim [p. 40]. I had both professors and have great memories of these two good teachers. Prof. Goulet introduced me to the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, and to Twelve Angry Men. Prof. Beisheim educated me in a course on Death and Dying, which has been very useful for me in my work today. I appreciate that SAM reports and informs alumni about such matters.

Joseph Tucker ‘87 | Bronx, NY

Playing Field

The photo on the back cover of Stonehill’s early baseball field [left] has special meaning to me because I played intramural and pick-up soccer and softball on the quad. Students would sit outside Quincy and Rehoboth houses cheering and watching the competition. It’s sad to see that aspect gone now with all the changes, but the students today have so many more great facilities and can make their own memories.

Joseph Knipper ’75 | Jackson, NJ


In the last issue of SAM, the article, “Thirty Years Later…Still Unsolved” [p. 18], was written by Tracey Palmer. We regret that we misspelled Tracey’s name.