Are you interested in our Inclusive Education or Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) master's degree programs but not sure you're ready for an advanced degree? Experience the program this summer by enrolling in one of our courses. Join us and get to know Stonehill before formally applying to a degree program.

Inclusive Education

Course Credits Session
EDU 510-A: English Learners in Classroom 3.0 10 weeks: June 1–August 12
EDU 609-A: Educational Equity & Inclusivity 3.0 5 weeks: June 1–July 2
EDU 610-A: Contemporary Issues in Education 3.0 5 weeks: June 1–July 2
EDU 611-A: The Individualized Education Program 3.0 6 weeks: July 6–August 12
EDU 612-A: Positive Behavior Support & Strategies 3.0 6 weeks: July 6–August 12

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Course Credits Session
IMC 605-A: Buyer Behavior 3.0 8 weeks: June 1–July 23
IMC 612-A: E-Commerce  3.0 5 weeks: June 1–July 7
IMC 613-A: Digital Marketing  3.0 8 weeks: June 24–August 12
IMC 615-A: Visual Problem Solving and Graphic Identity 3.0 8 weeks: June 1–July 23

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