Twin Cottage Memories

I am the proud great-granddaughter and great-niece of Anna Lunde and Bertha Swanson, the previous owners of the twin cottages known as Haftsrom-Swanson House [where Stonehill’s president resides].

As a young girl, I had fond memories of playing in the yard at the twin cottages—picking the daffodils and wandering the path to the farm. While my great-aunt and great-grandmother sold the house to the College in 1980, then-president Fr. Bartley MacPháidín allowed them to continue to live in one of the twin cottages for many years. In fact, it was Fr. MacPháidín who hosted my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. Fr. MacPháidín stayed in touch over the years and spoke during her funeral.
When it came time for me to start looking at schools, my mom insisted that I look at Stonehill. While I wanted a separate identity, she was right. Stonehill was ultimately my top choice. I am so blessed with the memories from my childhood at the twin cottages and time at the school. My world class education has opened the doors for me throughout my career, and I have built a strong network of friends, who have become family. 

I wanted to personally thank you for including Anna and Bertha’s name in the “Unseen Stonehill” article [SAM, S/F ’16, p. 18] and for sharing the cottage’s history. This article, as well as the beautiful tribute to Fr. MacPháidín [p. 20], are just two articles that hold a particularly special place in my heart.

—Krystin Hayward Leong ’06, Marshfield, Massachusetts

SAM on Social Media

Unseen Stonehill, Observatory
(SAM, S/F ’16, p. 17]
My work study was at the observatory. Fun (but cold) times.
—Alan Yost, Facebook

I went there quite a few times. The last time, Chet [Raymo, physics professor] showed me Halley’s Comet.
—Peter Walsh ’84, Facebook

Finding Frank
[Editor’s Note: In the last issue of the magazine, Mary Pat Curran ’75 recalled her student years with Professor Frank Phelan in “Finding Frank” p. 41. Soon after the magazine was printed, we were saddened to hear of Professor Phelan’s passing.]

My favorite teacher.
I went to Ireland twice with him. I was overjoyed to read Mary Pat’s story of finding him in Washington state. Now, I am saddened by this new update.
—Kevin Hartigan ’75, Facebook

A Refresh for SAM

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