ID Trend: Remember carrying your Hill Card in your pocket or wallet? Or maybe you hung yours on a key ring or lanyard? Popular today are cell phone wallets—just peel and stick on the back of your phone and slip in your ID. All incoming first-year students received a Stonehill wallet, courtesy of the Alumni Office.

Faith Endures: “Faith should never be blind, I believe. It is as much a journey full of questions and challenges and moments of doubt as anything else in life. But more than anything you will ever do, faith is what endures.”
—Anne Thompson, chief environmental affairs correspondent for NBC News, delivering the keynote address at Commencement.

Arts and Crafts: Stonehill’s Art Club gets together biweekly to work on a craft or stress-relief activity, such as canvas painting, mason jar decorating and fleece tie blankets. Last year’s club president Devon Phinney ’17 notes, “We pick projects that members could use to decorate their dorm room and make Stonehill feel like home.”

Slow and Steady: The campus is home to snapping turtles, which dig in for the winter, but emerge again in the spring and are regular road crossers until the fall. To keep them safe, we have two turtle crossing signs at key spots on campus.

Goodbye, Mailboxes: With less physical mail arriving on campus, students no longer have individual mailboxes. Instead, Mail Services now contacts students when they receive a letter or package, much like a concierge service.

Campus Lingo: 
#Hillyeah is a popular hashtag used to express Stonehill pride. 

Hogwarts Magic: This summer, Professor Scott Cohen’s students explored the wizarding world of Hogwarts. The online course, Harry Potter: Magic, Muggles, and Metaphor, examined J.K. Rowling’s intricate alternative universe of parallel political and social dimensions and how the novel series offers new notions of nation, authority, education, morality, folklore and fandom. 

If These Sneakers Could Talk: Early on the morning of Commencement, Director of Communications Martin McGovern saw these abandoned sneakers on the Donahue hill. What do you think the owner was up to on the eve of graduation?
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