Learning Communities

Second-Year students enroll in a Learning Community (LC). Stonehill’s LCs exemplify our commitment to creating a flexible student-centered climate that promotes academic challenge, cooperative learning and authentic community.

Our LCs feature linked or collaboratively taught classes from different disciplines or perspectives that are designed to foster students’ ability to integrate learning across courses, over time and between campus and community life.

Students in LCs address real-world problems that are unscripted and broad, requiring multiple modes of inquiry and perspective.

In most LCs, two stand-alone-courses are linked with a third Integrative Seminar. In some cases, professors co-teach a stand-alone seminar in an extended format. Many LCs feature short-term travel or community-based learning.

LCs are all about making connections, and these connections often surface in reflective work, self-assessment, and creative endeavors of all kinds.

Recent Learning Communities Include:

  • Mentoring Through Art Theory & Practice (Sociology and Visual & Performing Arts)
  • Food Politics (Environmental Science and Sociology)
  • Into the Woods: Cultural Tourism, History and Folklore (Sociology and History)
  • Integrated Marketing Communication (Business and Communications)
  • Quantum Waves (Mathematics and Physics)
  • The Immigrant Experience: Legal, Political, Cultural and Theological Dimensions (Political Science and Religious Studies)
  • Swamp Walks and Roadside Shrines: The Religion and Science of Place (Environmental Studies and Religious Studies)
  • Joyful Noise: Music, Technology, and Contemporary Culture (American Studies & Music)