Distributed Requirements

Students may complete their distributed requirements at any point during their time at Stonehill. Many students will complete a number of these courses during their second year, or as part of the course requirements for their major program of study. All students at Stonehill complete three distribution requirements:

Social Scientific Inquiry

Social science is a core component of liberal education, both for the development of theoretical and evidence based thought, and for the formation of citizens who are capable of contributing to the construction of a more just and humane world.

Recent Social Scientific courses include:

  • Critical Introduction to Criminal Justice (Criminology)
  • Microeconomics (Economics)
  • General Psychology (Psychology)

Natural Scientific Inquiry

The primary goal of the Natural Scientific Inquiry Requirement is to equip students with some basic tools to address issues involving science so that they can make informed decisions about the impact of science and regulatory policies on their lives and eventually become more active and engaged citizens.

Recent Natural Scientific Inquiry courses include:

  • Principles of Environmental Science (Environmental Sciences & Studies)
  • America’s Struggle with Creation (Philosophy)
  • Biological Principles I (Biology)

Statistical Reasoning

In the 21st century, our exposure to numerical and quantitative data has made statistical reasoning an essential intellectual and practical skill, part of a cluster of skills including critical thinking, information literacy, and problem solving.  The study of statistical reasoning allows students to develop and apply the requisite skills and tools to determine whether the results of empirical studies are meaningful enough to encourage change in one’s behaviors, attitudes, and/or beliefs.

Recent Statistical Reasoning courses include:

  • Quantitative Analysis (Business)
  • Assessment and Analysis in Education (Education)
  • Introductory Topics in Digital Humanities (English)