More Than an Interest in Sports

Stonehill’s Sport Commerce & Culture program applies an interdisciplinary approach to examining the world of professional sports. The end game is a command of analytical and critical thinking skills that students can apply in a host of fields. 

Program Overview 

Sports has a prominent and growing place in U.S. popular culture and imagination. It has become the subject of academic study across a wide range of disciplines, both as a distinct area of study and one in which it serves as a vehicle to illustrate and explore theories.  

Students choosing this minor will have the opportunity to study the industry through disciplines that include economics, psychology, marketing, management, data analytics and religious studies, among others. 

Competitive Advantages 

While the Sport Commerce & Culture minor, the most popular minor among the Class of 2020, is available to all students at Stonehill irrespective of their major, it is especially fitting for students majoring in economics, communication, psychology and business. 

Through this minor, students will gain a fuller understanding of: 

  • Sports industry operations 
  • Brand recognition 
  • Endorsement and sponsorship opportunities 
  • The economic impact of sports on the community and companies 
  • Similarities of rituals in sports and religion 

Students can tailor their program with emphasis in each of these areas. The main advantage of this program is its flexibility.  

Sample Sport Commerce & Culture Courses

The Economics of Sports

The course analyzes the industry of sports, particularly professional and big-time college sports, using and developing tools of economic analysis, mainly microeconomics. Topics include the salary structure of professional team sports and the effects of free agency; the factors affecting sports attendance; the value of sports programming to broadcasters and the effect of television revenue; issues in college sports like conference realignment, television contracts, and eligibility rules; the economic effects of professional sports franchises and stadia; and factors affecting competitive balance.

Sport Psychology

This course is an examination of theories related to sport, team behavior and sport cognition, and how psychological and social factors affect performance, behavior, and coaching. Topics include: motivation, coaching, team dynamics, mental skills and performance enhancement, confidence, drug use and eating disorders in sport, and youth sport.

Religion and Sports

Most sports originated in ancient religious ceremonies and rituals. This course will examine both the religious and historical beginnings of sports, while also exploring the many phenomenal similarities between religion and sports. The course will investigate the ways that both religion and sports influence, alter, and even fulfill the spiritual, social, and psychological needs of their respective adherents.

Internship in Sport Commerce and Culture

The internship program is designed to enhance knowledge of the environment and constraints of a sport-related setting. It is geared to give the student an opportunity to apply concepts and skills acquired in the classroom.

Internship Opportunities

With its location near Boston—one of the country’s most successful sports cities— Stonehill provides its students with a vast array of internship opportunities in professional sports. 


Stonehill students can intern with sports athletic departments as well. Students also can intern at major corporations seeking to market through sports now that sports sponsorships are becoming increasingly prevalent. Media opportunities are also available. 


Previous students at Stonehill have interned with the following organizations:

For me, the hook was sports, and outside of that, the minor pushed the limits of how far sports can reach and the value of sports in our society.

Pair Your Degree with a Master’s Degree

Pair your degree with a master’s in integrated marketing communications or data analytics. Our master’s programs provide you with the skills the market demands and partner well with several majors on campus. You can also pursue graduate-level courses as an elective during your senior year at Stonehill.

Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

Career Development Resources

The Stonehill Career Development Center offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities. By completing internships and utilizing mentors, students are empowered to build lifelong career management skills.

Graduate/Professional School Studies 

With the Sport Commerce & Culture minor at Stonehill, students can sharpen their applications for graduate school. Stonehill’s partnership with Boston College’s Master of Science in Sports Administration program enables our students to augment the minor with a graduate degree that further enhances their opportunities.  

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of Connecticut, Northeastern University and the University of New Hampshire are also among the Northeast’s regionally and nationally recognized sports-related advanced degree programs

Being Bad on Purpose to Become Good

Akira Motomura, professor and chair of the Economics Department at Stonehill College and nationally recognized expert discusses NFL teams tanking for a better draft pick.

Contact Information

Lee McGinnis

Lee McGinnis

Professor of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications Program Director, Sport Commerce & Culture Program Co-Director, Faculty Athletics Representative
Meehan School of Business 233
Akira Motomura

Akira Motomura

Professor of Economics, Economics Department Chair, Sport Commerce & Culture Program Co-Director
Meehan School of Business 310